Couchbase server v4 to server v3 XDCR not working

I am unable to add XDCR replication from couchbase server community edition v4 to the old v3 community edition cluster. I get error shown below:

However, v3 to v4 XDCR is working well. How to resolve this?!

Hi shreyas,

Do you have special characters in your cluster username or passwords?

There’s a bug in 4.0 that means XDCR fails when there’s any non-alphanumeric characters in the username or password. The bug causes XDCR to fail to encode the characters and so XDCR fails to handshake.


Fortunate to be seeing this. This will affect me soon.

Will the same problems occur if the destination is 4.0 before the origin? We’d be upgrading our destination cluster first.

Also, is this fixed in the first patch of 4.0?

Hi unhuman,

It’s patched in 4.1, which should be out this month I believe.

The bug report is here:

I’ve seen a number of configurations fail, but overall all of them were resolved by changing the passwords to not include special characters.


Hi Folks, we are working on 4.1 and working towards a preview first. What may appear in the next few weeks won’t be the finished product just yet.

Thanks Mike. Just changed the password and XDCR is working now. I am now moving back to Couchbase v3 cluster due to too many issues coming up with v4.