Couchbase Server as a super fast POCO store

Good evening :slight_smile:
I’m new to couchbase - and I’m somewhat new to memcache(d).
We are currently storing a lot of POCOs in memory for better performance (in our old caching solution). I stumbled across Couchbase and now I’m puzzled on why I would possibly want to serialize my objects to JSON and deserialize them again on their way back.
If you don’t need any query functionality what so ever wouldn’t you be better off without the JSON serialization? Just to get a better understanding… the JSON serialization/document store/view engine features are “couchbase” bucket mode features, right? In Memcached mode there’s no JSON serialization going on right? How is the data going over the wire in the memcached mode scenario? Default .NET XmlSerializer? Can I change it? I’d really find it very useful if you were able to change the serializer. For example google’s protobuf is super exciting :slight_smile:
Kind regads
Li G.

Hello Li,
You do not necessary need to serialize your object in JSON you can store “anything” into Couchbase (up to 20Mb).
As you said if you do not need JSON in your application, or of you do not need to use views you can store them on another format.
You should be able to use any serializer and send the bytes to Couchbase.

Hi Li,
As Tug said, there’s no JSON requirement when working with Couchbase. If you’re application does not need to query items by secondary indexes, then storing POCOs is perfectly reasonable. The default transcoder uses .NET’s binary serialization for objects.
– John