Couchbase server 4.6 to 5


Recently, I updated my servers from 4.6 to 5.0.
I noticed a few strange occurrences, so I though I’d make this topic for other dev to post issues with upgrading.
hopefully, if anyone has similar issues we can figure it out.

First, I’ve noticed the data service nodes randomly using swap (even though Swappiness is set to 0 ).
I’ve also noticed the data service node do not seem to use ram the same way. Before (on 4.6), I had the quota set to 17gb, and my largest bucket set to 6gb, but the nodes would still use more resources. However, when I updated, the nodes would only use the ram allocated to the buckets, and that seemed to caused issues with cache miss.


Any helpful thoughts or advice?

Hi @dev86,

Are you using Community or Enterprise?

Are the data service nodes using swap causing problems?

As for cache misses, you might want to check all the sizing guidelines: