Couchbase SDK for NodeJs is failing to connect to a multi cluster setup

During our development we were using single cluster setup for development purposes but when we deployed to live environment–multi cluster couchbases–we were welcomed with error connection. To further investigate I have setup a multi cluster setup using docker in my computer and a single cluster, the single cluster the SDK can easily connect with but when I try to connect to the multi cluster setup I get the error

Error: parent cluster object has been closed

Here is what the single and multi cluster looks like in my docker:

Here is my code that connects to my Couchbase:

this.cluster = new couchbase.Cluster("couchbase://localhost" {
    username: username, 
    password: password

Welcome @Lorlyn_Toriaga, I am assuming you are trying to setup a multi-node cluster. If thats the case then have you mapped your containers to the right ports ? Have the nodes been added to the cluster ? Is everything working fine via couchbase console ? Once you have all that then you can refer to our documentation which provides you several ways to connect to the cluster.

Thank you for replying, I have setup the Couchbase multi cluster properly, as seen in the image below: