Couchbase replication master-master vs master-slave


Can someone let me know the advantages and disadvantages of couchbase master-master replication over couchbase master-slave replication? Also can someone give me some example use cases where couchbase master-master replication is used and where master-slave replication is used?

@debraj.manna hm, where do you have th einformation form that couchbase has master-master replication? Couchbase always has a single active partition and replicas which get enabled after failover.

If you are referring to XDCR for cross-cluster replication, thats a different topic and can’t be compared to the intra-cluster master-slave replication.

I am new to couchbase. So just trying to understand some of the basics.
I went through the below link

Couple of doubts:-

  • Let’s say a write is done in a node and before the data is replicated to another node the node goes down. Will the write be lost?

  • Also once a data is replicated to other nodes. Then the read can be served from any node or the read is served from the node in which the original write is made.