Couchbase RBAC user deleted after cluster restart


We are using Couchbase Community Edition 6.0.0 build 1693 installed as non-root on RHEL Servers.

Only difference from normal Linux installed is that we reconfigured the static-config path for the Data and Logs path.

Everything works fine on normal operations, however, when doing fail over testing by bringing down all the nodes in our cluster, we noticed that the Bucket RBAC user gets deleted after the restart (no longer in the rbac file either) therefore we have to reset it after fail over using the couchbase-cli user-manage command.
Note: the cluster user itself is not affected.

We can see the error in the memcached logs:
2020-04-20T08:57:20.060825-04:00 WARNING 46: User [BucketUser] not found. UUID:[2cobfa43-c427-48f5-3cad-11c1435f6c061]

Anyone else encountered this issue?

Thanks in advance.