Couchbase Python Lookup_in Question

Data Example

“userId”: 1,
“firstName”: “AAAAA”,
“lastName”: “as23”,
“phoneNumber”: “123456”,
“emailAddress”: “”,
“homepage”: “

I want to select firstName, lastName, phoneNumber only. Through Python SDK lookup_in

res = collection.lookup_in(key, (SD.get(“firstName”), SD.get("lastName), SD.get("phoneNumber)))

This possible to make a choice in the a way?

Yes. There is an example here




res = collection.lookup_in(key, (SD.get(“firstName”), SD.get("lastName), SD.get("phoneNumber)))

How to print keys and value

I want to get a result like A.

A: {“firstName”: “AAAAA”, “lastName”: “as23”, “phoneNumber”: “123456”}

The current value is AAAAA.
There’s only one.
I can’t even see KEY.

The key isn’t in the document. And you need to specify it to get the document, so you already have it.
Also - the example has the result indexed with (0), because it only retries 1 property. So if you’re indexing the result with (0), you’ll only see the first property as well.

from datetime import timedelta

import couchbase.subdocument as SD
from couchbase.options import LookupInOptions

# ... other code ...

key = 'hotel_10025'
res = collection.lookup_in(key,
print(f'Hotel {key} coordinates: {res.content_as[dict](0)}')

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