Couchbase performance test with k6 plugin

Hi All, I have created an extension to do a load and performance test on couchbase using k6 here. The extension is also listed in K6 website(Docs - Performance testing for developers, like unit-testing, for performance) and is implemented in golang. I was able to do a read/ write performance test with above tool. Now, I wanted to do a similar test on couchbase-lite with k6. But, couchbase-lite doesn’t have official SDK for golang. Need suggestions please.

Sorry for the delayed reply. As you noticed there is not an SDK for golang. The best path forward would be to create one that binds on top of the C SDK. There are a few examples of this, such as the experimental python SDK.

Thanks @borrrden, I have planned to use Gatling instead of k6. Gatling supports java test cases.