Couchbase not connecting from node client on mac but works from windows/linux Error=LCB_ETIMEDOUT


The openBucket call fails with Error=LCB_ETIMEDOUT. But the same code works from windows/linux.

On LCB_LOGLEVEL=5 i am getting following logs:

This process is your pid 24870
0ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [INFO] (instance - L:469) Version=2.10.6-njs, Changeset=61e274aae48b6edeecb081afec843dbe31d72790
0ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [INFO] (instance - L:470) Effective connection string: http://<IP>:8091/<BucketName>?detailed_errcodes=1&operation_timeout=12000000000&config_node_timeout=200&enable_errmap=true&enable_tracing=true&client_string=couchnode%2F2.6.12%20(node%2F10.20.1%3B%20v8%2F6.8.275.32-node.56%3B%20ssl%2F1.1.1e). Bucket=<BucketName>
0ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (instance - L:318) Applying initial cntl detailed_errcodes=1
0ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (instance - L:318) Applying initial cntl operation_timeout=12000000000
0ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (instance - L:318) Applying initial cntl config_node_timeout=200
0ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (instance - L:318) Applying initial cntl enable_errmap=true
0ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (instance - L:318) Applying initial cntl enable_tracing=true
0ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (instance - L:318) Applying initial cntl client_string=couchnode/2.6.12 (node/10.20.1; v8/; ssl/1.1.1e)
20044ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [INFO] (instance - L:146) DNS SRV lookup failed: DNS/Hostname lookup failed. Ignore this if not relying on DNS SRV records
20044ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (instance - L:83) Adding host <IP>:8091 to initial HTTP bootstrap list
20045ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (instance - L:83) Adding host <IP>:11210 to initial CCCP bootstrap list
20045ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [TRACE] (instance - L:126) Bootstrap hosts loaded (cccp:1, http:1)
bucket created
20047ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [INFO] (bootstrap - L:218) Requested network configuration: heuristic
20047ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (confmon - L:81) Preparing providers (this may be called multiple times)
20047ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (confmon - L:88) Provider CCCP is ENABLED
20047ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (confmon - L:88) Provider HTTP is ENABLED
20047ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [TRACE] (confmon - L:278) Refreshing current cluster map
20047ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [TRACE] (confmon - L:265) Attempting to retrieve cluster map via CCCP
20047ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [INFO] (cccp - L:151) Requesting connection to node <IP>:11210 for CCCP configuration
20047ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (lcbio_mgr - L:449) <<IP>:11210> (HE=0x105207b80) Creating new connection because none are available in the pool
20047ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [TRACE] (lcbio_mgr - L:360) <<IP>:11210> (HE=0x105207b80) New pool entry: I=0x105205790
20047ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [INFO] (connection - L:474) <<IP>:11210> (SOCK=0000000006daea10) Starting. Timeout=200000000us
20049ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [ERROR] (bootstrap - L:170) Failed to bootstrap client=0x1052059e0. Error=LCB_ETIMEDOUT (0x17), Message=Failed to bootstrap in time
{ [CouchbaseError: Client-Side timeout exceeded for operation. Inspect network conditions or increase the timeout]
   'Client-Side timeout exceeded for operation. Inspect network conditions or increase the timeout',
  code: 23 }
Can't open bucket
20052ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [DEBUG] (lcbio_mgr - L:467) <<IP>:11210> (HE=0x105207b80) Request=0x105207cf0 has no connection.. yet
20096ms [I52bb4d77] {24870/307} [TRACE] (connection - L:367) <<IP>:11210> (SOCK=0000000006daea10) Received completion handler. Status=0. errno=0 [Undefined error: 0]

The code for the same is as follows:

    var cluster = new cb.Cluster(
    cluster.authenticate("<UserName>", "<password>");
    var bucket = cluster.openBucket("<BucketName>", function (err) {
      if (err) {
        console.log("Can't open bucket");
        // throw err;
      } else {
        console.log("Successfully opened bucket");

    bucket.operationTimeout = 500 * 1000;
    const query = `SELECT * FROM <BucketName> WHERE documentType = "COMPUTE_RULES" LIMIT 1`;
    console.log("bucket created");
    bucket.query(cb.N1qlQuery.fromString(query), {}, (err, rows) => {
      if (err) {

Anything i am doing wrong? I am using a new mac book with macOS catalina v 10.15.4?
I am new to macbooks.

Hey @Girish_Jha,

It appears that DNS lookup is taking an abnormally long time. This is usually caused by an incorrect configured network, or issues with your DNS servers. First step is to identify the cause of the unexpected latency there and then your bootstrap should succeed.

Cheers, Brett