Couchbase node failuer

I am trying to execute one scenario in which I will power off one of the live couchbase node. Below is the scenario

            **What I am doing?**
            I am trying to power off one of the live couchbase node when the load test is running.
            **What is expected?**
            The request should handle by the other two live node

            **What happened?**
            All requests were failing none of the live node proceed any request. Also requests were going to node which is power off.

Auto-Failoveris is enable in couchbase

Please suggest necessary changes I have to do on configuration part.

Note that failover, even autofailover, is not transparent to applications. During the window of the node being down, the items on that node won’t be accessible. Depending on how you’re causing the failure, requests will likely time out.

If you’re testing this with a single thread moving between documents, you may appear to have “all requests” failing, but that’s just because you aren’t actually making requests to other nodes. You may want to make sure you’re testing with the right setup (e.g. retry strategy in Java, etc.) and don’t have coordinated omission in your test configuration.

We test this specific scenario all the time, and review it for every release, so I’m highly confident we behave as expected!