Couchbase .NET SDK 2.2.4 Timeouts

I am trying out the new Couchbase .NET SDK 2.2.4 attempting to use the IO Multiplexing. Very excited about multiple threads on a single TCP socket.

I have configured the client as per the example shown in the blog post on Jan 13, but I am getting intermittent timeouts when I try a range of object for a given set of keys (i.e. bucket.Get(keys)). The result error message is “The operation has timed out” (or similar, I failed to copy the exact error string). If I use the same SDK version but roll back to the previous pool configuration (i.e. no use of the IO Multiplexing), the problem is immediately resolved. I went back and forth on this at least a dozen times: IO Multiplexing caused timeouts when getting a range of keys, traditional pool configuration did not.

I realize this is a new release and the docs on the IO Multiplexing are limited to the blog post at this point, so I am wondering if there is any advice on what I might try to troubleshoot this.

Thank you.

@dhalls -

It looks like perhaps a bug. You can create an issue on Jira and include steps to reproduce and client logs, that would be helpful!

If you would like to take a stab at digging deeper into this and have a fix, please send a PR!