Couchbase .NET SDK 2.2.0 DP1 available on NuGet!

Hi All -

There is a 2.2.0 Developer Preview 1 now available on [NuGet][1] which supports all of the new features of Couchbase Server 4.0! A couple of new features that are included:

  • Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)
  • Geo Spatial Views
  • Enhanced durability
  • SSL/TLS for N1QL queries
  • Full support for N1QL (as of Couchbase Server 4.0)

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think. Issues, bugs or any feedback cab be posted here or by creating a [Jira][2] ticket. One note, this is a partially tested pre-release, so do not use it in production unless you living on the edge!



The documentation on Enhanced durability is poor. Is there a blog posting somewhere which explains it. Thanks

@envitraux -

The reason the documentation is poor, is because from a outward facing API perspective, there is not a whole lot exposed. It’s more of a change to an internal implementation and an improved way of doing “observe” on the cluster. Here is blog post with more details (down about 1/2 way):


@envitraux -

Here is some updated documentation regarding enhanced durability: