Couchbase mobile replication - Sync gateway replication


We are looking to migrate an existing offline solution to some newer technology and platform.
I was looking over CouchDB mobile and I want to try it out. Our current application has MS SQL Server as the main data source and fetches/replicates data to some REST/SOAP endpoints as well.

Before starting, I could not find any details about the below topic:

  • Can the mobile client fetch data and replicate data to an endpoint (REST/SOAP) that is exposed from a different app/system ? If so, how would this be achieved.

  • When the main data source is a SQL Server, I would think we can go for an architecture described in a different thread:
    CBL Lite and MS Sql server sync

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Can you clarify - are you asking for a system where Couchbase Lite is replicating with some external system with no sync gateway or couchbase server?

I am looking for any options available, with or without sync gateway and couchbase server.
We have MS SQL Server data sources and some external REST endpoints.

As mentioned, I saw below option for MS SQL Server using a connector but did not find much information about fetching/replicating data against a REST endpoint, if that is possible using the sync gateway /couchbase server or you can connect to the REST endpoint directly.

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I saw the REST api available as well, but that looks to be an option to communicate between the client and sync gateway. I was interested if there can be a REST connector somehow set up so we can use replication against an external system as well.

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There are no options available without couchbase server and sync gateway. In order to sync data down to couchbase lite clients, you need the sync gateway. . Couchbase server is the persistent backing data store for sync gateway.
So you would need to pursue one of the two options that was described in the linked post that you shared. Essentially you need connectors to transfer (and transform the data) from your SQL server to Couchbase Server or Sync Gateway.

I don’t quite follow why you are particular about a REST endpoint. Clients will replicate with the Sync Gateway over a websockets replication protocol . The REST interface is not used for replication by couchbase lite clients.
This is a typical deployment architecture

I wanted to ask if from the gateway layer/couchbase server, there is an available connector or SDK that we can use to call other internal system, in case we do not want all of our data to be hosted in couchbase.

A typical example is if we have some data in our internal CRM system and we want to fetch them by user. In this case we could either import all our data in couchbase for all users or have a real time rest connector between couchbase and the CRM system.

Sorry if I was not clear in first instance, hope it makes sense now.


To access data directly from systems external to Couchbase, you will have to call into the REST endpoint of that service directly using whatever SDKs are provided by that service. If that service does not not provide an SDK, then you would implement REST calls using a standard HTTP client.

Hi @adrian.purcaroiu, @priya.rajagopal is right about what you’ll need to connect with your business app (CRM / ERP / whatever)

BTW if you have access to the underlying datasource (MS SQL Server or Oracle DB) you can consider this tool here it natively support real-time two-way sync between your RDBMS and Couchbase

Hope this will help