Couchbase Mobile Lite V2.1.1 iOS crash with WebSocket

I am using Couchbase Mobile Lite V2.1.1 iOS SDK. I am using following code for replication. When the application is on the foreground and user lock the phone and unlock it. the app is getting crash with the following error.

Replication Code: LINK

Xcode Crash Log:

This looks exactly like a bug we’ve already fixed; I thought the fix was already in 2.1.1. @pasin, do you know for sure? (IIRC, the bug is that CBLWebSocket ends up passing -1 as a size, which is interpreted by malloc as a huge number, causing failure.)

Thanks for your reply. But I am using V2.1.1 but still I am facing the issue.

Here is my pod file

pod ‘CouchbaseLite-Swift-Enterprise’, ‘~> 2.1.1’

Is it issue with pod version SDK? I will download SDK and test the same scenario as well.

Here is the crash log (14.9 KB)

@jens & @pasin any update on Couchbase Mobile Lite V2.2 official release or else any trick to prevent the crash mean while before release the latest version?

2.1.2 was recently released so if it somehow didn’t make it into 2.1.1 maybe it is in 2.1.2 (just a guess, I have no direct information to support that).

@borrrden, Your correct, It is fixed in V2.1.2
@pasin and @jens I am getting following warning in couchbase mobile lite logs.

CouchbaseLite Sync ERROR: {Repl#5} Got LiteCore error: Socket is not connected (2/57)
So if our application in backgroudmode. couldn’t synch data from Synchgateway in our mobile app. if some data was changed in server?