Couchbase Mobile Document Rejected By Server


I have been posting this error from long days onwards. But i didn’t get a response from anyone. Please take this as a request and please answer it.

We are in the process to buy a Couchbase Enterprise Edition. So Can someone please help us. We are stuck here. We are thinking about how Couchbase Team help with these type of error after we goto production.

I updated one document and updated document not send to Server through SG. So i checked the logs. Please find the attachment log1.txt file

Document ID is dc54de7e-d8c6-4e82-a402-8fe3ef22825b

I am getting following error. You can find this error in log1.txt file.

2018-12-12 15:14:23.600739+0530 My App[7323:403636] CouchbaseLite Sync Info: CBLReplicator[<*> URL[ws://]]: error pushing ‘dc54de7e-d8c6-4e82-a402-8fe3ef22825b’: Error Domain=CouchbaseLite Code=10409 “rejected by server” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=rejected by server}

Updated document not sent to couchbase server. So it doesn’t replicate to another device. Now after a couple of seconds later, I restart the app (Just killed the instance) so replication started and then above mentioned document updated to the server and updated document is replicated to another device.

You can see the latest log in log2.txt, after I restart the application (So replication started again) data is replicated to another device.

Note: log1.txt and log2.txt is available here (123.7 KB)

Hi @itssrinadh, thanks for posting. This looks like a relatively straightforward error that should be easy to solve.

To confirm, do you you have Sync Gateway running on port 4984 on And is it reachable via curl if you curl

Can you please post your Sync Gateway config file as an attachment, making sure to scrub any sensitive information first?

@borrrden / @pasin / @Jae do you happen to know if there are any more details associated w/ Couchbase Lite code 10409?

Anything above 10000 just subtract 10000 to get the HTTP code -> 10409 = 409 (conflict).

@itssrinadh Also, can you mention which version of Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway you are using?

Hi @traun i am using Couchbase Lite V2.1.3 and Server 5.5
Yes my Sync Gateway running on port 4984. here i am posting my sync url
and Sync Gateway config file. (843 Bytes)

@traun / @borrrden any info about this bug?

Guys can you please take a look on this issue?

Still it is a issue and no update from team.

Assuming this has been resolved or being followed up on relevant support channels.

Thank you for your response and yes i am followed in support team.