Couchbase memcached srcache curl

I’m new to Couchbase and Nginx. I’m tyring to setup Couchbase for memcached. I’m using nginx srcache to get docs from memcached bucket. I’m able to connect to the bucket fine but i’m unable to get results through curl. Please help

here’s my nginx config

 upstream memtest {
     keepalive 10;

server {
 listen 8080;

 location = /memc {

     set $memc_key $query_string;
     set $memc_exptime 300;


 location /testbucket {
     set $key $uri$args;
     srcache_fetch GET /memc $key;
     srcache_store PUT /memc $key;
     srcache_store_statuses 200 301 302;
     proxy_pass http://testbucket;

     # proxy_pass/fastcgi_pass/drizzle_pass/echo/etc...
     # or even static files on the disk

nginx.server # nc -v $HOSTNAME 11202 <<< version
Ncat: Version 7.50 ( )
Ncat: Connected to nginx.server:11202.
VERSION 5.1.1-5723
Ncat: 8 bytes sent, 20 bytes received in 0.04 seconds.

Document path in Couchbase


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