Couchbase lite uses Sqlite as underlying database?


When I was reading this FAQ, i understand Couchbase lite still uses Sqlite as underlying database to store. Is this correct? please clarify.

Couchbase Lite supports Couchbase’s ForestDB storage engine, in addition to SQLite. It still defaults to SQLite, and SQLite will remain the preferred and supported storage engine for a while, until ForestDB has matured. But if you opt in to ForestDB, you’ll gain significant performance

ForestDB is of course an entirely different file format from SQLite. Versions of Couchbase Lite prior to 1.1 (Mac, iOS) or 1.2 (other platforms) cannot read ForestDB database files.


@jongladwin : Would like to add that support for ForestDB will be removed in Couchbase Mobile 2.0.
This is the deprecation note: