Couchbase lite UID

I like to know, when i use Couchbase mobile sdk (Lite) in my Mobile app and request to CB server with a document, is there any unqiue id created to ensure this is from my mobile app? I think, i checked that there is a “unique id” created by document api. Is that right? I have another doubt is that, does this unique id is device based or session based?

Please help answering my doubt.

id is created for each document in the database. It is not device based or session based. When you create doc in couchbase lite, you will see same doc id in couchbase server and sync gateway too once replication happens from mobile to couchbase server, that is how you can check if it came from mobile app or not.
Yes , there is an api to get document id in couchbase lite.

Let me know whether I answered your question.