Couchbase Lite support for .NET 6.0/7.0/8.0

We are using Couchbase.Lite.Enterprise with our Xamarin.Forms application, version in use - 3.0.12
We are planning to migrate to .NET MAUI. In your documentation, I do not see that even the latest version i.e., 3.1.1 is supporting .NET 6.0 , .NET 7.0 or .NET 8. However, found that there’s plan to support .NET 6.0 in your 4.* release.

Can you please confirm when is the plan to release 4.x?
Also, is there any plan to support .NET 7 and .NET 8.If yes, then when that will be released?

Let’s see.
I cannot, of course, not confirm the date of the next release, let alone any 4.x release.

Supporting the various Microsoft platforms is a pretty complex thing. We can’t just stop supporting something that our libraries supported previously. Trying to maintain backwards compatibility (even when as the tool-chains disappear) while supporting the newer versions is not an easy thing to do.

Version 3.1.3, which should be out about now, supports .NET 6.0

Our next release will support .NET 7.0 but I do not have a date for that.

There is actually no need for a .NET 7 specific release. A .NET 6 library can be consumed by a .NET 7 or .NET 8 application. That being said .NET 6 for MAUI is already out of support by Microsoft so for our next minor or higher release (i.e. not 3.1.x) we will follow suit, etc. 3.1.x will continue to be built with .NET 6 just so we don’t arbitrarily break people’s builds when they update with a patch, but any issues will likely not be investigated for an outdated platform. As mentioned above, 3.1+ supports .NET 6+ (note the plus). It has been out for 7 months: NuGet Gallery | Couchbase.Lite 3.1.0