Couchbase Lite queries

Hi All,

I am new to Couchbase and NoSQL technology. I am currently working on finalizing architecture for my new mobile app. I came across Couchbase and found that this is great technology suiting all my needs. However as I am new, I have few questions which I thought of sharing in this community forum. I am sure I will get answers here :blush:

  • All the examples I have seen so far on documentations and training sections for mobile app development, it creates a Couchbase Lite mobile at runtime. Why should be create a DB at run time? I am looking for a pre-created Couchbase lite DB which should be a part of my android app. How can this be achieved? I know there is an example of pre-build DB, but I want to create the DB outside (preferable in a GUI tool) and add that to my android project. Not sure how to do that.
  • Is there any GUI tool available to create NoSQL Schema?
  • Is there any GUI tool to query the documents? The application support team will need this going forward to resolve support tickets.
  • How to encrypt sensitive data such as passwords, personal identified information in the documents?

Thanks in advance!!

You can use a prebuilt database if you like, but the only reasonable way to create one is using the Couchbase Lite library itself. Once you have that, you can use portions of this tutorial to help you.

We do not provide any GUI tools for creating or modifying databases, but there is a command line tool that might interest you (note that since this is the couchbaselabs organization that it is not formally supported). Also “creating a NoSQL schema” is somewhat of an odd concept since one of the tenants of NoSQL is not to adhere to any explicit schema. The “schema” in NoSQL is just how you interpret the data that you have.

Encryption is an enterprise feature, as described here but it is quite simple to use.