Couchbase Lite not syncing all data from Mobile to SyncGateway

I have an app which works offline using CBLite and works perfectly and syncs when there is internet connection if the data is less (eg: 100 Documents) but when the data is slightly more it stops syncing for that particular mobile (eg: Data in multiple folders to be synced).

Any idea why this is happening,

sync_gateway version: 2.1
Couchbase server Version: 6.1.
Mobile App Technology: Cordova

You didn’t say what version of Couchbase Lite…?

Hi Jens,

I am using Phonegap Couchbase plugin “com.couchbase.lite.phonegap” the version of the plugin is ~1.4.4
I don’t know exactly which version of Couchbase Lite is the plugin using.

@jens @rizwan.shivalli I dug into the repository of Phonegap Couchbase Plugin.

It seems the Couchbase Lite version of the plugin is 1.4.4
Because in src/android/build.gradle it is written

dependencies {
   compile(name:'couchbase-lite-android-1.4.4', ext:'aar')
   compile(name:'couchbase-lite-android-sqlite-custom-1.4.4', ext:'aar')

Thank you @vanilla for the clarification.