Couchbase Lite Java 1.2 on Raspberry Pi (ARM Processor)

I am trying to upgrade a project to use Couchbase Lite Java 1.2 on a Raspberry Pi. We currently are using Couchbase Lite Java 1.1 with success because there is a build for ARM processors located at I have tried to compile a version for Couchbase Lite Java 1.2 but I am stuck at the dependency for Sqlite3 because the library is not included in the builds.

Shared library link file /home/ubuntu/couchbase-lite-java/libraries/couchbase-lite-java-native/vendor/sqlite/libs/linux/amd64/ does not exist for prebuilt library 'libsqlite3'.

I believe a need a way to build sqlite3 for an ARM processor.

Thanks in advance!

Have you checked whether is already installed in your OS? It would probably be at /usr/lib/ or /usr/local/lib. If it’s there you should just be able to symlink it to where the build expects it.

Actually, have you read the build instructions in the Github repo (probably in the readme)? I’m not familiar with building the Java Couchbase Lite, but there should be instructions.

I will try this out! I have been following the instructions on the repo. I will let you know what the results are.