Couchbase-lite IOS SDK receiving all the changes every time while we kill and open the app


We are an enterprise customer for more than 6+ years. Couchbase is good and working without any issues. But from last year couchbase is not stable. It’s giving lot of problems.

One of it’s is our IOS app is very slow while receiving latest changes from sync gateway, While checking the logs we found that it’s receiving all the document changes. We were having more that 100 thousands documents. So, the latest changes is taking more than 10 minutes to sync to mobile.

Herewith I am attaching the couchbase logs from mobile device, (4.9 KB)

IOS SDK version: CouchbaseLite-Swift-Enterprise (3.1.7)

Using continuous Push and Pull replication.

And allowReplicatingInBackground enabled.

Hello @nsthiyagarajan90!

Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback, are you able to contact us via Support and we will assist you promptly regarding the issue encountered.

Hi @nsthiyagarajan90. As Iveta mentioned, please reach us via Support.

Also, the logs you provided above seems to be empty.