Couchbase Lite iOS 2.0 cannot pull data from server

My sync gate way version is 2.0.0-community, I download it from

Sync gateway configs as follows:


My couchbase server version is community-5.0.1, I download it from

I use couchbase lite iOS 2.0 in my client. I write some docs into the couchbase server, but the client pull replication cannot pull anything.

Swift code as follows:

However, when I change the couchbase lite iOS to 1.5, the pull replication works.

Is there something wrong with my config if I want to user couchbase lite iOS 2.0 ?

I think you mean 1.4.1? There is no version 1.5 for iOS. Regardless it’s odd that it would work there. Do the sync gateway logs show anything strange when running 2.0? It looks like possibly the user doesn’t have permission to view any documents. The guest user is disabled, so an authenticator with the proper user would be essential.

Oh, sorry. It’s 1.4.1 .

There is something wrong in my sync gateway config. I enable authentication with the following properties in the configuration file and it works now.

"users": {
    "GUEST": {"disabled": true}

I set it disable before and the authentication does not work.

Thanks @borrrden.