Couchbase Lite Document URL

Is there a notion of Document URL that can be used on the client side to access a specific document using URLs? This could help leverage some of the existing libraries (for caching etc.,) built for local files which relies on specifying URLs.

I am unclear on the use case here. Can you elaborate, Are you looking for a solution without Couchbase Lite?

When you embed Couchbase Lite within your mobile/desktop app, all data access requests made by your app is against the local embedded couchbase lite database. The database is kept in sync with remote couchbase server (via Sync Gateway). So think of couchbase lite as a local “cache” or the backend data. So you do not need any additional caching libraries.
Alternatively, if you are looking to build your own local caching layer using non-Couchbase store, then you can leverage the sync gateway REST endpoint to access the content of remote backend data store. However, note that if you are using your own local store, then the onus is on you to implement the “data sync” logic between your local caching layer and sync gateway. Since we (Couchbase) won’t have end-to-end visibility into data sync logic, you would be on your own debugging end-to-end sync issues