Couchbase lite database Comparison Tool

Suggest any informative and stable tool for comparing Couchbase lite databases for windows.
I want to compare them and make the differences out of it.


Are you saying you want something like a diff tool that compares all the documents and shows the ones that are different?

I don’t know of any tool like that, but it would be pretty easy to write one. If you do, you can post the source code here.

Yes , I am talking about diff tool for Couchbase lite as we already have Sqldiff tool for Sqlite, so any such thing can work for it.
I am working on it and its better if you could help me getting such tool in life.


Hi @jens ,

Can you let me know that how can I compare my couchbase lite databases from local to server or server to server ?
Any utility or tool or source code can work.

I’ve told you that we don’t have a tool for that. You can use the Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway (REST) APIs to iterate over the documents and compare them. That’s about all the high-level help I have time to offer, sorry.