Couchbase lite data storing

I am using couchbase lite for my windows application, i want to know the place where Document created by code are going to be store??

With CBL Java, you specify a folder when you create the instance of JavaContext you need to get the db Manager. CBL creates a tree under that folder that includes the datastore. Make sure you have permissions to write to the folder.


If I have not specified the path , then what will be the default location for JavaContext?

@shriram.punde the default is “cblite”. It should create the directory in the working directory of the application. Make sure you have the appropriate file permissions there.

got it… :slight_smile: thank you @hod.greeley

I have one more small silly question, what is the significance or what is the exact difference between bucket and database, is they are same?

Bucket is a Couchbase Server term. Database is a Couchbase Mobile term. (This comes from differing ancestries; memcached vs. CouchDB.)

Think of a bucket as providing the underlying storage of a database.

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The terminology can be a little confusing.

In something like MySQL, a single server manages several databases. So you have commands like “create database”. At that level, a database is used to organize a logically connected group of data.

With Couchbase, Couchbase Server has buckets. The documentation refers to Couchbase Server as a database. So on the server side a bucket is very similar in use to a single database in something like MySQL, whereas database refers to the whole Couchbase Server setup managing a set of buckets.

As Jens points out, in Couchbase Lite, you can have several databases, and no concept of buckets. So here a database is like a MySQL database.

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