Couchbase lite compound key range with nulls android

I have view for my weather data with compound keys of the format

[ "District", "2018", "05", "23", "06", "00", "00" ]
On the server i can query weather for a day using a startkey and endkey

startkey=[ "District","2018","05","23",null,null,null]
endkey=[ "District","2018","05","23","\u0fff","\u0fff","\u0fff"]

This gives me all the weather for District on 2018-05-23. Now after syncing the documents to couchbase lite on android, i’m trying to replicate the key ranges. I have tried


But this returns an empty dataset. How can i format my keys to replicate what i did on the server.

It’s been a while since I dealt with this, but I believe that the correct representation on the mobile side is:

endKey=arrayListOf("District","2018","05","23", <empty dict>, <empty dict>, <empty dict>)

Forgive the pseudocode there but what I mean is an empty dictionary object (not a string at all) since those get sorted last

EDIT Though perhaps the Unicode string will work if you omit the nulls from the start key

Even omitting the nulls didn’t help. Instead i decided to use the format
Since the last three are time values, it’s working for now. But replicating what i did on the server has completely failed.