Couchbase lite sync gateway certificate

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I’m configuring the replicator on a mobile app in order to activate bi-directional sync with our client sync gateway. The app is developed with xamarin forms and use the latest version of nuget package for couch lite (2.8.6).
The ssl certificate of our client is refering an internal root certificate authority. I was looking for the parameter AcceptOnlySelfSignedServerCertificate (refered in some doc page), but I didn’t find in the ReplicatorConfiguration class. Then I’ve tried to inject the root certificate in android app, following the official guideline Network security configuration  |  Android Developers
At teh end, the only working option was to download the specific sync gateway certificate and to pin to the client using PinnedServerCertificate property of the replicator. But this solution requires to update the sync gateway certificate every two year.

Is there any other solution? The injected authority root certificate using “Network security configuration” is considered by the replicator?



The property you refer to is only available on the Enterprise Edition of the software. With regards to Network Security Configuration I don’t think it is supported unless the .NET runtime on Android happens to support it but I’m not sure about that ( @Sandy_Chuang ?)

Hi Jim,
just to know. Our client has enterprise version for both the Server and the Sync Gateway. So, may we adopt the CBLite enterprise in the app made for him?

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If you are working on behalf of a client who has purchased an enterprise license then certainly you can use it to do work on their behalf, but of course you cannot publish your own work unless you have also purchased a license. If in doubt, consult with the account team in charge of your client’s license.