Couchbase Lite Android upgrading from beta to beta2

I’ve been trying to upgrade from beta to beta2. In beta I was relying on the ektorp library more so all my views were created using annotations etc and I’ve been trying to convert to using the native views for the library but I get a Failed to rebuild view SomeView/Name: 500 error when I try to run a query. The data is still there because if I use CBLite Console I see a number of records are availabl. The query seems to run fine and return an empty result (though I’m just doing a query to get all). I’m not sure what the 500 error is supposed to mean. Is it an error in accessing the views? Is it an error in how I wrote the views?

I am having exact same problem.

“Failed to rebuild view Users/by_user_name 500” it worked great before upgrade now after upgrade log throws this error and query returns no records. Before upgrade same query on same view returns records.

Forgot to mention. All my views are written native in java.

What I’ve been able to figure out so far is that the 500 error shows even when they do a check for updates and everything seems up to date (I believe I saw this bug already logged somewhere). The query that gets the records seems simple enough but I’ve not been able to untangle what the exact issue is yet.

I was using CouchDbRepositorySupport<?> class to manage crud. It seems that querying does not work on this class while create , update, delete do. If you go directly to querying views not via this class then results appear with no problem. Try the tests from the git project that are mentioned in thread (link) below.

I discussed the problem here :!topic/mobile-couchbase/GbFXIY_XMVo