Couchbase key not expring after giving a TTL via C#

I’m using the Atomic ‘Increment’ function provided by the C# driver for Couchbase which accepts a parameter for passing the expiry as a TimeSpan.

I’m passing the value in the expiry parameter as TimeSpan.FromMinutes(value) , but still after refreshing the couchbase web console, the key does not get deleted after the set time.

Here is the sample code

 IOperationResult<ulong> incrementResult;

 incrementResult = myBucket.Increment(strKeyName, 1, 1,TimeSpan.FromMinutes(dblTTL));

In the code above variable ‘dblTTL’ is the Minute Property of the TimeSpan variable.

.NET Sdk version - 2.0 , Couchbase Dll version -

Any help on this issue will be appreciated !

Never mind, i just figured out the solution.

  1. i made use of the TimeSpan.TotalMinutes property instead of TimeSpan.Minutes as TotalMinutes returns the value as a double which is accurate to the nearest millisecond as compared to Minuteswhich returns just the minutes part of the total duration as an int.

  2. secondly, a key which is initially created without setting a TTL using the atomic increment() function , but later on when trying to increment() the same key now by passing a TTL value did not expire the key.

so if i have to set a TTL to any key using the atomic increment() function i have to make sure that i set its TTL when i create that key for the first time, and not while updating its value later on.

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