Couchbase initial structure delivery


i am new in couchbase. I have created my Java project with Couchbase.
There is some initial structure: buckets, views and some special (system) data in one of these buckets. Without this information my project not able to work
Now i need to prepare another environment with my project and i dont know how to do it
How to export this initial structure in some file(s) so i can use it for preparation some new environment with same couchbase from scratch (restoring)?
Like some sql scripts for table/view/indexes creation and data insertion in regular sql db

p.s. it would be nice if it could be done using java sdk
i expected some List<Document> getAll() method inside Bucket (or something similar) that i can use for data exporting but i cant find anything like that

Check out the cbbackupmgr and related tools. Those are probably closest.

If you’re instead intending to do this from a development environment (like an IDE), you may want to scaffold up the things you need using the management APIs in the SDKs for creating buckets/indexes/etc.