Couchbase Get() followed by an atomic Increment()

I have a program that does the following :

  1. Check if the key is present in couchbase using Get()
  2. If its present then don’t do anything, return a false to the calling application.
  3. if the key is not present, then increment it with a value of 1.

So basically, the value of my key created with Increment will always be 1 and actually wont be incremented ( im using Increment just to create the key using atomicity ).

My question is what if the Get() operation is invoked from 3 requests at the exact same time… ?

Will the first request be successful in incrementing the key and will point number 2 mentioned above be applicable for the remaining 2 requests… ?


Will all 3 requests face point number 1 and then increment the key 3 times… ?

Im using the .NET SDK for couchbase.