Couchbase Enterprise Server, Java SDK and Connection Timeouts


I know this has been discussed a couple of times but I don’t see answers to my issue anywhere on here up to now. I am receiving this exception on my single instance couchbase enterprise server:

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException

I have seen plenty of articles mentioning to increase the timeout. However, I feel this is not a valid solution when I am increasing the timeout to 20 seconds and above. What I can’t understand is why this timeout is happening. If I restart the server everything works fine but that isn’t a solution either. I am using latest couchbase enterprise server with latest updates on a Windows 2012 R2 server with all latest updates. We are using the Java SDK and we are sharing couchabse environment, configurations and bucket connections but still I am getting this issue. I have a suspicion that port exhaustion could be an issue but I have set the registry keys on the Couchbase server as stated in the install instructions. I have set the registry key to allow up to 25000 ports which I would have thought to be plenty. Can anyone give me any insight on what to start looking at here as this is becoming a very big issue and I just don’t understand what is causing the problem.

Thanks in advance