Couchbase connector manager port is not ssl

Hello team!
We are using the Kafka connector to connect to couchbase with a source configuration i think i have set it up correctly since its able to connect with SSL but in the logs i see that the couchbase client is trying to connect to the non ssl manager port instead of the SSL port… it seems it temporarily connects and disconnects during the start of the connector
We also plan to disable/block the non ssl ports eventually
Is this a bug/bad config or something thats expected?

[2023-10-17 09:16:00,432] INFO [com.couchbase.node][NodeCreatedEvent] Node created {“coreId”:“”,“managerPort”:“8091”,“remote”:“Couchbasenode”} (com.couchbase.node:442)
[2023-10-17 09:16:00,446] INFO [com.couchbase.node][NodeDisconnectedEvent][217us] Node disconnected {“coreId”:“”,“managerPort”:“8091”,“remote”:“couchbasenode”}(com.couchbase.node:442)

The initial connection to the cluster is made based on the protocol specified - couchbase:// is non-ssl, couchbases:// is ssl. After the SDK makes the initial connection, it retrieves the configuration from the cluster and then connects to everything in the configuration. If you are making the initial connection via ssl, and then a subsequent connection is made via non-ssl, it’s because your cluster has non-ssl nodes in it’s configuration.

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Sorry, these log message are misleading. They do not mean the connector is using the non-SSL port. The Couchbase Java SDK uses the combination of host and non-SSL manager port to uniquely identify the node within the cluster. This “node identifier” is what you’re seeing in this log message.

Tracking the issue with the confusing log message as JVMCBC-1406.


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