Couchbase CLI Version

Hi everyone,

is there a way to get the version of the installed couchbase cli / server ?

For ex:

$ couchbase-cli --version
couchbase-cli 4.1.0

and so on ?

We have some wrapper/deploy scripts, but different test installs ( couchbase 3.1 and couchbase 4.0 community editions for testing/developing purpose ).

Because of the xdr-replication tool some parameter has changed to remove/add replication to elasticsearch through this cli tool … need different settings. But how to determine which should be used ? We searching for a determistic way, not a hardcoded/installation description based way to handle this.

Hi, You can run

ardberg:bin ldoguin$ ./couchbase-server --version
Couchbase Server 4.1.0-5005 (EE)
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