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Can we do couchbase administration certification without taking its training just the exam.If so can anyone share the link to get cost details and all?



We have free trainings/certifications here

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But here I am asking for paid certification like Couchbase Certified System Administrator Exam", “CCSA Exam”, “Couchbase Certified Application Developer”, “CCAD Exam” mean the performance-based practical exams (“Exam(s)”) administered by Couchbase to test competencies for Certification respectively as a Couchbase Certified System Administrator

I have sent an email to the person in charge of certifications, I will come back to you once I have an answer.

Hi Deniswsrosa,
Any update on the certifications part?

Hi, Any update on Couchbase Administrator Certificate ?

We do have several certifications now, including the Couchbase Certified Professional Administrator. All of the exams can be taken without requiring the attendance of the associated course. In the case of some of our free courses that have associated exams, we highly recommend attending the course, which typically takes no more than 10-12 hours. In all cases, we provide a study guide that can help you prepare in the areas that we are testing.

To learn more, visit our academy site at

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Hi, Can you tell me any self placed free course which can help to prepare Certified Professional Administrator? if any please let me know or any link

There are no free courses that will help prepare. The course we recommend is the CS300 Couchbase Administration instructor-led course.
If you are an experienced Couchbase Administrator, it is likely the study guide may be sufficient to prepare. That said, we maintain that the best way to prepare is to attend the instructor-led course and perform the lab exercises alongside your preparation from the study guide. We have seen that the pass rate is higher for those who have completed the CS300 course.