Couchbase bucket size map-reduce

what is the total value specified in the below documentation

Average size of document measuerd in bytes or kilobytes? any calculation for knowing the bucket size with average document size?

The earliest comment on the post you are referring is from 2013, so probably it is not the better source to use as a reference.

Sizing a Couchbase cluster

About the size of the bucket, I think it is really tricky to calculate, as a general rule you can use:
Average_Doc_Size * Number_of_docs* Number_of_replicas + Size of Primary and Secondary Indexes.

The statistics shown today in the web console are also different

Thanks for your reply. I’m new to couchbase and trying to analyse it before using it in my project.

how many documents will I be able to store in the 2GB space… what are the chances of server going down.?

@luvurlife029 Its hard to answer without knowing the average size of your documents, but can I ask you why do you have only 2 GB of disk? is it a dev or prod machine?