Couchbase behind haproxy tcp proxy


we run couchbase outside of openshift.

We use a egress proxy (haproxy in tcp mode).
The problem which was reported from the developer is that couchbase sends another ip to connect the the one which was used for the initial connect.

How do I need to configure couchbase or haproxy to use only one IP?

You can try to configure Couchbase Server to use DNS:, and then make your hostnames resolve properly inside and outside network

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Thanks for the suggestion.

We will try this as a possible solution.

How doest this works with sync gateway in place?

The architecture looks like this.


app pod => sync gateway => haproxy | outgoing border (aka Firewall ) => couchbase cluster

What’s the solution from couchbase for a classical 3-tier architecture with a firewall between app & db tier?