Couchbase Audit For UI Login

Hi Team,

We had one requirement where we need to enable the audit logs when there is a modification of documents in a bucket and more importantly if the user is logged in from UI. Then only be audit will capture the details.

Please let us know if this is possible or not and if possible share us any docs or blogs preference.


Hello @Debasis_Mallick

There’s an auditing capability built into the Enterprise Edition of Couchbase Server.
See “login success” and “document modify” in the auditing reference guide, Audit Event Reference | Couchbase Docs

Note that if you configure audit to write a audit event for every document modification, you will need to ensure that your resources are scaled appropriately to handle this.

Ian McCloy, Director Product Management

Thanks @ianmccloy for your quick response. As I mentioned in the initial thread, I want to enable audit for docs modified from CB UI end not every time when docs get modified.

For Example:- If a user login from CB UI and made changes to the document, user details need to be captured.

Please let us know if it is possible.


It is not possible to audit only modifications performed in the UI.

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