Couchbase Admin Console Getting "Lost connection to server" Error


I’m trying out Couchbase now. Currently running Couchbase Enterprise Server 2.1.1 on a EC2 micro instance.

We developed a prototype Java application server interacting with the database.

All was good yesterday when we first installed it.

Today, however, when we opened the admin console, it keeps showing
"Lost connection to server at ec2-…" error.

I can’t imagine it is a port issue since it is looking at the same port 8091.

Can anyone explain why this is happening or how I can go about finding out the issue (which log files to check, maybe)?

You should try it on normal instance (check system requirements), at least m1.large.

Hi Cheeze,

Skellla could have a point regarding the sizing requirements. A Micro instance generally isn’t robust enough to run Couchbase well. That said, it doesn’t mean it can’t be run at all.

You can find the locations of your log files here:

Ok. I was using a micro instance to test out the API and stuff, so I thought a micro instance will be able to run it, not intending it for production use at all.