Couchbase 7 views

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It is mentioned in couchbase site that map reduce views are going to be obsolete soon.But in Couchbase 7 console map reduce views are still there.

In which release of couchbase onward views are going to be obsolete?


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Not sure about the couchbase views. @amarantha

In 7.0 N1QL VIEW index support is removed. Alternative is use GSI based indexes. cc @binh.le
FYI: It is very unlikely you are using N1QL view indexes. The following query gives N1QL view index names if one you are using.

select RAW name 
from system:indexes 
where `using` = "view";


Couchbase Views feature is planned for deprecation. But at this point we have not decided on the version to obsolete this feature. We recommend that you looking into using GSI as alternative solutions. I understand that this may not cover all the Views use cases, so please share your use case in the support ticket.


@binh.le I just want to know when views are going to be obsolete just to ensure we avoid views and replace them with N1QL GSI s whenever we implement use cases.
Thanks for the clarifications.


You should replace all Couchbase Views use cases where N1QL GSI is an option.
We had documented this in 6.5 View Indexes for N1QL | Couchbase Docs
And in Couchbase 7, N1QL VIEW index support has been removed.

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If views are not supported why there is views menu in couchbase adminconsole?Why it is not removed?