Couchbase 5.5 after deleting document, tombstone not being created


I am using the Java SDK couchbaseTemplate to remove a document, and I am expecting that after the removal an empty document(Tombstone) should be created.

After the removal, when I use the couchbase server dashboard to search for the document using its ID, I am unable to find the document. The dashboard shows “Object not Found”.

My Auto Compaction - Tombstone purge settings are set to default at 3 days.

Cluster info: Couchbase Server - Enterprise 5.5.3
Number of Data nodes: 2
Index Nodes : 1
Query Nodes: 1

Do I need to search for the tombstone in a different manner or is their a setting that needs to be set while creating the cluster for tombstones to be created ?

Hi @sumeet.singh1

Tombstones aren’t displayed in the UI, and won’t show up on key-value lookups either. This seems reasonable, no? The document has been deleted after all.

@graham.pople Yes, that makes sense.
but is there a way to see if a tombstone was created at all ? We are concerned if this issue ( is happening in our cluster and whether we should upgrade to 6.0.2?

@sumeet.singh1 - no, not really. There’s an esoteric option to the Sub-Document lookup command that can do it, but it’s not currently exposed through the SDKs as far as I know. It might be in the next alpha release of the Java client 3.x series, and if we do that then I’ll update here (likely to be in next few weeks).

Not through the SDK. How may I use any other way to fetch the deleted document ?


Actually, tell a lie, that functionality in fact is exposed in the existing Java client. Please see the accessDeleted flag on lookupIn. This will allow you to retrieve documents that have been deleted, while the tombstone marker exists (which is 3 days, by default).