Couchbase 4.5 go binaries

I am trying to build couchbase 4.5 from source and noticed that it downloads three different versions of go binaries. Could someone help me understand why do we need different versions of go binaries in couchbase 4.5 while we did not need then in couchbase 4.1 ?

In 4.5, N1QL uses go 1.4.2, indexer and fts uses different versions.
The number of versions should reduce in the next major release…

I am working on the port for s390x and we don’t have binaries for the mentioned versions.
Just curious when would be the next major release ?

If you’re porting to a new arch, I’d suggest building from branch-master.xml (or at least watson.xml) - that has at least reduced the number of Golang versions I believe.

Have a search on - there’s a few MBs related to upgrading Go which might be of interest to you.