Couchbase 3 Bucket Limit

I know this has been brought up before, but has there been any change the the recommended max bucket limit of 10 on Couchbase server 3?

This post is 2 years old and I can’t find anything “official” more recent apart from some forum comments. I’ve also read through!topic/couchbase/9vcMj2xF7pc, which doesn’t give any conclusive answer, especially for Couchbase 3.

We’d like to tenant by Bucket, but a limit of 10 is just going to be way to small for our current requirements.


Currently 10 is still the recommended limit with CB Server 3.0 and the upcoming 4.0 GA Release. This is something on the roadmap that we are addressing in future releases of the product.


Todd Greenstein

Hi @tgreenstein!
Could you explain to me why couchbase have this limitation?



Each bucket requires resource overhead for:

  1. Partition Management across the cluster (1024 “vBuckets” for each bucket), in memory on each node as well as disk io management.
  2. Availability Management for replicas
  3. Connectivity

More than 10 buckets in a cluster can create resource contention for these operations at the node level.