Couchbase 3.0.2 changing ip address of server


We’ve some troubles on couchbase after changing the ip address of server.

Before the process, our server works under local network which ip adress is 10.10.10.XXX. After tht we changed the ip adress from 10.10.10.X to uplink ip adress, and server wont start.

And we also changed the ip address inside of /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/ip file.

After this, we can get screen on 8091 port, but it was welcome setup page…

The couchbase servers imagine that “it is a new install” but not.

What should we do now ? I checked bucket data under /data folder and it still exists.

BTW, i also tried to move back the ip adresses from uplink network to 10.10.10.X local network. I’ve roll backed all steps but couchbase server still imagine that a new installition.

We faced the same issue last week. The following solution worked for us.
First take a snapshot of the server in case anything goes wrong. Then copy the folder at /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/data. This contains all the buckets. Paste it to any other directory NOT under /opt/couchbase (eg:- /home/backup). Go to couchbase web console and follow the setup steps to reconfigure your server. Now keep in mind that this will DELETE all your previous buckets so make sure to copy the ~/data folder as mentioned. While re-configuring the server, do make sure that it is configured to exactly the same config as before. The IP you set at step 1 should be the same as before (10.10.10.XXX). Now copy the files from /home/backup back to /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/data. Restart the server and one by one create buckets on the server with the same name as before. If all goes well, couchbase should read the old data files and you will have all your documents there.

The config.dat file present at /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/config is the key. When you change the “ip” or “ip_start” file, this file changes and the node stops recognizing itself. Changing the “ip” or “ip_start” file again will not solve the issue. If that file has changed, it’s really difficult getting your data back. If you reconfigure the server to run at the same ip as before, the config.dat file gets created with the same parameters and the server will recognize your older data once you copy it back into ~/couchbase/data.

Also we are still facing an issue with cbbackup to work. Even after we reconfigured the server and it is running fine. That’s why I mentioned copy the directory directly using cp and not back it up using cbbackup. The cbbackup issue seems to be a bug in couchbase server 3.0.1

Hi Abhilash,

Thanks for quick response. We’ve made it with your style. Now, we’ve been waiting for counting documents on the bucket.

Kind Regards

After my message, we wait so long but only 9 documents has been recovered whole this time.

Now we try again the same process but couchbase always stopping and then starting. I saw stop&start stuffs on log files.

Actually, we cant do anything on couchbase. We cant login, we cant stop service. Also we cant reboot the machine. Machine freezes after every command.

What should we do now ?

This behaviour of couchbase is something we have not observed before. Hopefully you have the server snapshot so you can revert back your system.
Another thing that worked for us on a different server was uninstalling couchbase, deleting the /opt/couchbase directory and reinstalling couchbase server 3.0.1. Then we followed the same procedure of reconfiguring the server, copying back the data folder and creating buckets with the same name. That worked fine on that particular server, but I definitely would not recommend it if you have no prior server snapshots.
You can refer to this document for further information.

Do we need to copy also indexes folder ? Or only bucket named folder is enough ?

Just the bucket named folders is enough.

Ok, so I’ll try to install new couchbase server on windows OS and copy the bucket folder to windows and run all over.


Thank you so much Abhilash. New installation on windows works great. And the bucket is populating successfully.

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