CORS issue with CouchBase, PouchDB and Couch Sync Gateway

Hi all, I wonder if someone could help me with Cors? I’m using Couchbase set up on the default port 8091. I’m talking to it via PouchDB, and syncing with couch-sync-gateway.

In my app I get the message “PouchDB error: the remote database does not seem to have CORS enabled. To fix this, please enable CORS”. Following the message, I’ve tried to run the add-cors-to-couchdb script from PouchDB to fix this, but this doesn’t work as it’s written for CouchDB, not Couchbase. There isn’t a CouchBase version as far as I know.

I have added the Cors section to the sync gateway config file but the message is still displayed. It does actual still sync when I enable the guest user but I can’t get it to work when trying to add user login.

Do I need to enable Cors on the Couchbase side and, if so, how do I do this?