Copy Data


I wish to copy the data from IT Environment to my local environment.

Please comment.


Hi Nava,

your question is very vague - can you please give us more information on what you actually want to copy? documents, design documents,…?


1.I wish to copy the json document, which is available in the remote server to my local desktop. In SQL world, I export the data from there and import in my local machine. is there any similar facility in couch base.

  1. Also I wish to copy the same data to my local couch base server.

You can use cbexport/cbimport (the cli tools) to export and import data from your cluster into another one.
Alternatively, you can use XDCR to shuffle data from one cluster bucket into another one.
Finally, you can write your own app to do that, but I guess that’s probably not what you are looking for.