Convert update to select


I want to convert the below n1ql query and want to make the select statement. Can someone please help

update testBucket
set cfg_values_values.pcc=cfg_values_values.value
FOR cfg_values_values in cfg_values.values
FOR cfg_values in cfg.values
FOR cfg in ftr.configurations
FOR ftr in exp_values.features
FOR exp_values in exp.values
FOR exp in experiences
WHEN == “legacy-product-color-code” and cfg_values_values.value is not missing
where key_tx like ‘A::001be7c0-76f0-4888-88a5-0db0e147c287::V1’

    (SELECT exp.*,
        (SELECT exp_values.*,
            (SELECT ftr.*,
                ARRAY (CASE WHEN == "legacy-product-color-code" THEN
                       OBJECT_PUT(v, "values", (SELECT cfg_values.*,
                                                  (SELECT cfg_values_values.*,
                                                      cfg_values_values.value AS pcc
                                                   FROM cfg_values.`values` AS cfg_values_values) AS values
                                                FROM v.`values` AS cfg_values))
                       ELSE v END)
                FOR v IN ftr.configurations END AS configurations
             FROM exp_values.features AS ftr) AS features
         FROM exp.`values` AS exp_values) AS values
    FROM t.experiences AS exp) AS experiences
FROM testBucket AS t
WHERE t.key_tx LIKE "A::001be7c0-76f0-4888-88a5-0db0e147c287::V1"

I needed just the cfg_values_values as part of result from select. @vsr1

SELECT cfg_values_value.*
FROM testBucket AS t
UNNEST t.experiences AS exp
UNNEST exp.`values` AS exp_values
UNNEST exp_values.features AS ftr
UNNEST ftr.configurations AS cfg
UNNEST cfg.`values` AS cfg_values
UNNEST cfg_values.`values` AS cfg_values_value
WHERE t.key_tx LIKE "A::001be7c0-76f0-4888-88a5-0db0e147c287::V1
      AND == "legacy-product-color-code" AND cfg_values_values.`value` IS NOT MISSING