[Continuous replication] Offline vs Stopped

CBL 2.0
SGW 2.0.0-823


I was wondering. If I try to stop a replicator in Offline status it never reaches the Stopped status and stays in the Offline status.

Basically if I keep hitting fatal errors 3 times I want to signal the user. After one Error I want to restart the replicator. If I still get an error I want to restart it one last time. If I get a third one I want to message the user.

Two questions

  1. Is this normal procedure?
  2. Is there a foolproof parametercheck to look for fatal errors in both continuous and non-continous replicators and retry starting a number of times?

That sounds like a bug. The replicator should be stoppable at any time.

What you are describing is your own app’s logic so I cannot comment on its “normalness.” However, for fatal errors (according to Couchbase logic) the replicator will not go offline. It will only go offline for non-fatal ones. Non-continuous should never go offline, as it gives up quickly. So it also depends on what you mean by “fatal.”

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Thanks @borrrden, your explanation is very clear!